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Destination to Consider – Bucharest, Romania

Jan 05, 2018

Bucharest is an up-and-coming meeting destination, offering a wide range of hotel accommodation: JW Marriott, Radisson Blu, Intercontinental, and Hilton to name only a few.  The city is home to unique off-site venues (historical and modern) and various cultural options (museums, theatres, parks and art galleries). With two international airports located less than 25 minutes away from most hotels, the city is linked via direct flights to destinations all over the world. 

Once called the “Little Paris of the East” for its Parisian-style architecture and reputation for fashionable society, Bucharest is now a city of interesting contrasts where old traditions and modern culture blend beautifully.

The mixture of a Romanian culture of hospitality resulting in superb customer service, traditional and international cuisine, and the ever-increasing availability of meeting facilities have allowed Bucharest to become the new destination to consider for companies wishing to impress their delegates and offer an unforgettable experience. Remarkably, the city remains a very good value even with its increasing popularity.

Bucharest offers something slightly different from the popular European meeting destinations you may be used to.  And for those desiring to go a little deeper into the country, why not wander and discover the fascinating mix of culture and food specialities or venture in Dracula’s footsteps and uncover the inspiration behind Bram Stoker’s famous story?


Author: Laura Durand