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Nov 03, 2017

“Where is your favorite place you have ever been for a meeting?” We’re asked that question quite frequently. While there are many well-known cities we could name, one that you may never have heard of that is high on our list is Bled, Slovenia. It’s a magical, fairytale-esque place.

Nestled in the Julian Alps between Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary, Slovenia enjoys a central European location. You fly into the capital, Ljubljana, which has direct flights to/from over 20 major European cities making it possible for most meeting attendees to either fly direct or have only a single connection. It’s a beautiful 30-minute car transfer from Ljubljana Airport to Bled.

With a population of slightly over 6,000, Bled is one of the smaller cities where you might ever host a meeting and the quaint size makes it easy to wander around town. The main attraction is Lake Bled. It’s a small lake, 2,120m (6,960ft) long and 1,380m (4,530ft) wide, completely encircled with a paved path that takes about an hour to completely walk around. Sitting in the middle of Lake Bled is the only island in all of Slovenia (Bled Island). The main building on Bled Island is the Assumption of Mary Church. You can get to the island on a traditional flat-bottomed wooden boat known as a plenta.

Overlooking the town, high up on a mountain top, is the medieval Bled Castle which comes complete with a drawbridge over a moat (like all good castles should). An off-site dinner at the Castle would be a memorable experience for your meeting attendees.

As for where to conduct your meeting, there are only a few options; three actually. The first is the 217 room Park Hotel that can accommodate a meeting of up to 120 attendees. The second option is the 150 room Hotel Golf which is adjacent to a conference center with a variety of meeting rooms, the largest of which can handle 350 people. The third option is the 87 room Grand Hotel Toplice which was once the summer home of President Tito when he ruled Yugoslavia. The Grand Hotel Toplice would be a wonderful option for a smaller meeting (less than 50 attendees). The lake, the island, the castle and surrounding natural beauty will provide your meeting with an unforgettable setting and your attendees with a unique, inspirational, memorable experience. Get a little off the beaten path for your next European meeting and consider Bled, Slovenia, you won’t regret it.

Author: Paige Bingham