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Destinations to Consider – Budapest, Hungary

Jul 07, 2017

Budapest is the breathing heart of Hungary: it is the economic, cultural and historical capital of Hungary and comprises 33% of the overall population.


Budapest has established itself as a main business destination in Europe. Local hotels offer wonderful customer service, high hospitality standards, stylish and spacious bedrooms, as well as affordable rates and fine dining. The variety of food served for lunches and dinners is extensive; Hungary’s culinary skills can more than fairly compete with any other European country.  


Budapest Franz Liszt Airport is only 25 minutes away from the city center, making any transfer to central hotels quick and smooth. The airport is easily accessible from all European cities, with a wide range of airline companies flying directly to and from Budapest.


A little bonus for doing a meeting in Budapest with Meeting Protocol is that our preferred Audio Visual company is locally based and knows the in-and-outs of all hotels in the city!


A great number tourists visit Budapest year-round for numerous reasons. Its historical heritage is breath taking, the grandeur and elegance of the buildings create a feeling of walking into an open-air museum. Budapest is very attractive whichever time of the year you visit. Christmas markets in the winter are very popular. Thermal baths can also be a great option to consider during cold weather, for a bit of warmth and relaxation. Budapest holds some of the most glorious and artistic thermal baths in Europe; they are on the contrary utterly refreshing during the hot summer months in the city.


Most Budapest historical sites are within walking distance which makes the visit of the city so enjoyable and relaxing. If one prefers to try local transportation, the tramways are rather old-fashioned and typical of the city and its Central European heritage. Just hopping on a tramway can be quite an experience! The 7 bridges that cross the river Danube offer beautiful views of the wonders of Buda on one side and Pest on the other side of the river! Tourists will spend time admiring the views from bridges and of bridges themselves as some of them are stunning.


What we like about Budapest is its authenticity mixed with modern flavors! A city to visit and re-visit multiples times if necessary!

Author: Solena Briand