Keeping Up With Compliance

Jun 30, 2017

The various requirements for HCP reporting around the globe can vary greatly. With each country having their own set of guidelines, or in some cases, laws, it can be difficult to keep up. Even in the U.S., rules can vary from state to state. 


            So how does MPW do it? Let us walk you through our process:


  1. Too often, reporting is treated as an afterthought. When you tackle HCP reporting retroactively, you expose yourself to a number of compliance issues and consequently, fines. That’s why MPW makes sure it’s front-of-mind throughout the entire process, from planning, to on-site execution, to report submission. To begin, we make sure we have the sponsor’s most up-to-date guidelines hosted within our proprietary compliance database before we create a budget proposal. If we don’t have these on record, we reach out to the sponsor.
  2. After checking our database, our team incorporates the compliance guidelines into the budget. We ensure the hotel and other key vendors are aware of the compliance guidelines we need to maintain and that they are able to accommodate these guidelines.
  3. When this phase is complete, we have a precise estimated budget that dictates how much our sponsors can, and should, spend in each reportable category. During the meeting, our Program Managers ensure costs remain within the budget guidelines while also providing participants the best experience.
  4. Within 45 days after the meeting, we complete a detailed HCP spend report for each attendee. The actual amount spent matches the figures in both the compliance guidelines and the estimated budget, ensuring that the data that is reported to the various government agencies involved is accurate and verifiable. For five years post-meeting, we store the report and supporting documentation, including receipts for travel, food, hotels, etc.


MPW is poised to help sponsors remain compliant. If you have any questions about HCP reporting around the globe, or how we can help you, give us a call at +1-972-503-6119 or +44 207 307 9900.