A Day in the Life of a Patient Liaison

Oct 04, 2019

My day typically starts around 5:30 am. I make myself a warm lemon water and take my dog for a walk. Once I return I get ready to start my day. Being a “morning person” I am usually up a good 1.5 hours before the rest of my family. I log into my computer and check emails. As a Patient Liaison, I work with clinical trial research sites arranging travel and expense management for their patients. I work through many emails corresponding with sites, patients, sponsors, and vendors. My job can get quite busy working with many studies, so prioritizing is essential. I like to keep busy and I can multi-task, so this position is perfect for me! Finishing out my workday knowing that I followed up with sponsors, sites, patients and feeling like I am a little ahead for the next day gives me great satisfaction. I also travel once a month as an event coordinator for clinical trial meetings, so the two positions work very well together. My kids keep my husband and I running, and just about every night of the week we are moving in many directions with their activities. If we have an open evening, my husband and I will take out the paddle boards - very relaxing. My day finally ends with walking the dog before bed.