A Day In The Life of a Product Manager

Mar 15, 2023

My workday includes a variety of tasks and responsibilities. I start most days checking emails and messages for any reports of issues that might be affecting the Scout web portal. I'm responsible for troubleshooting and reporting any bugs or issues that arise. This might involve working with the Development team to identify the cause of the problem and implement a solution.

I spend the first part of each morning responding to emails and checking in with the Development team. Throughout the day, I will attend meetings with other departments or stakeholders to discuss projects in development and provide updates on their progress. As part of our software development cycle, we hold multiple meetings with the Development team, which include reviewing bugs and change requests, training, Sprint planning, and more.

In addition to these tasks, I also spend a lot of time writing change requests and providing feedback on the product. I work with the Developers to design new features or update the user interface. I also provide guidance and direction to the Development team to ensure the product meets the needs of its users.

Currently, we deploy a release of fixes and changes about every two weeks. Before fixes and changes can be deployed, each must be reviewed and thoroughly tested. I test the fixes and changes along with our Quality Assurance tester and Subject Matter Experts. The testing and reviews help confirm what we deploy matches the functionality that was requested, and that it is working properly. I make certain all testing and any subsequent corrections have been completed before we deploy the release.

Overall, a software product manager plays a crucial role in the development and success of a product, and my day-to-day activities can be varied and dynamic.