A Day in the Life of a Program Manager Trainer

Feb 20, 2020

My regular working day as the Trainer begins at 6:30 am sharing a cup of coffee with my husband and enjoying my fur babies.  I arrive in the office at 8:30am and check my email and to-do list including training items for new hires. I prefer to keep a dated calendar with my to-do’s since as Program Manager’s we juggle a lot of due dates.  Time management and prioritizing are essential skills to be a successful Program Manager, and I like to emphasize this to the new PM’s from day 1.  We focus on arming new Managers with the tools they need to succeed, such as detailed training checklists and our extensive Program Manager Training Manual.  In addition to my day-to-day meeting planning tasks, training specific tasks throughout the day can vary from working on each of the trainee’s meetings, providing feedback and support on conference calls with clients, working on menus, travel and logistic documents, registration and audio visual.  Additionally, together with Senior Management, the progress of the trainees is closely monitored to ensure the pace, growth and training methods are individually tailored.  With an ongoing focus on improving processes and procedures, training resources and providing support to each other, we provide a solid training experience to build successful Program Managers.  Sharing the love of what I do with others is for sure the best part of my job!