A Day in the Life of a Travel Staffer

Nov 25, 2019

My workday begins with an early flight to a program location with my colleagues. After arriving at the hotel, we will organize our onsite staff office as well as prepare all of the necessary materials we will use for the program. Depending on my staff responsibilities, I will organize some of the individual lists that we will be using throughout the program, such as ground transportation manifests and rooming lists. If I am managing the meal functions, I will review the banquet event orders for all of the meals to ensure the accuracy of the menus. This includes being aware of any special requests or dietary requirements, such as allergies the attendees may have. My colleagues and I will attend a hotel pre-convention meeting with hotel employees from key departments to review all of our requirements throughout the program. If I am managing ground logistics, I will begin monitoring flights in anticipation of attendee arrivals so that I will be able to welcome them when they arrive at the hotel. Also, on our first day on-site, we have the opportunity to meet our client(s) as well as other key study team members. In the following days, we will manage the individual meetings and meal functions. Being able to multitask and remain flexible in unexpected situations is essential as changes occur often. The ultimate compliment is having an attendee say, "This was a great meeting, everything went so smoothly and you made it look so easy!” This career is perfect for me because it allows me flexibility in scheduling. I love the people I work with and traveling has always topped the list of my favorite things.