A Day in the Life of a Vice President of Account Management

Jan 02, 2020

My day usually starts early. I like to get into the office while it’s still quiet and calm. I find I can get a lot accomplished before the office is full and bustling. The start of the day is spent reviewing and prioritizing my emails and making an action plan for the day. As a global company, it is vital to prioritize emails to know what needs to be actioned before the end of a business day in another part of the world. Then it's time for a coffee before diving in!

My goal as Vice President of Account Management is to ensure that our clients’ needs are met. I work with both MPW Operations and Upper Management to obtain feedback on each meeting and ensure best practices are being followed and are evolving as needs change. Our clients rely on MPW not only to understand the pharmaceutical industry but also understand that company’s specific standards. I work to ensure those standards are clearly understood and maintained internally. As with any company, the relationships forged with our clients are vital to our company’s sustainability. We like to say we are only as good as our last meeting and so we must do everything possible to make every meeting the best it can be.

The most challenging part off my day is dividing time between meeting needs and client needs. I still actively plan and manage meetings throughout the year and my number one priority is making sure those meetings are an absolute success. Working ahead where I can, allows me the time for the unknown.

I’ve worked for Meeting Protocol for 17 years and during that time, seen a lot of change in both the pharmaceutical industry as well as the meeting planning industry. My job is to ensure that our clients continue to receive the level of service that MPW is known for while staying on top of trends within not only the meeting planning industry but also trends within the pharmaceutical industry.