A Day in the Life of a Vice President, Patient Services

Dec 13, 2019

My day generally starts around 5:45am. I get up early to have my quiet time and get myself ready before the household gets moving. Once mommy is ready for the day, then it’s time to wake up the team! I get my boys up around 6:45am and make sure teeth are brushed and clothes are on (I don’t set expectations too high). We spend time together over breakfast and then it’s out the door to school and work. My workday begins generally with an early conference call with European clients and reviewing my emails. I generally have a bit of catch up from the overnight messages that come through. Throughout the day, I work with our Scout Clinical team to manage every aspect of our studies. I often have the privilege of talking with sites in the studies we are supporting, and even get the opportunity to support patients in some cases. This is the best part of my job. The sites we are supporting are doing the hard work of caring for their patients’ every health need, and at Scout Clinical, we get to take the burden of logistical and reimbursement services off of the site staff. In my position, I work with every member of the Scout Clinical team, from contracts and proposals, to software development, to the global Patient Liaison team, and everything in-between. I work with an amazing group of individuals who each bring their own personality and breadth of knowledge to the organization. I learn something new from them every day. It’s a juggling act and my job requires a great deal of focus and organization – and I love it. We are a fast-paced and dynamic organization and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I head home at the end of the day ready to be with my family again. Each evening is filled with sporting or church activities as well as quiet time as a family. Spending time talking about our day and loving each other through our words and actions is what energizes me and keeps me ready for whatever the next day may bring.