Meeting the Challenge: Printing on a Dime

Mar 30, 2023

The Challenge.

While on site at a meeting, a client decided to add printed covers to their protocols. After seeing them in person, the client liked the 
banners Meeting Protocol designed so much, they wanted to repeat the design on their mini protocols. 

The Solution.

By the time the client made the decision to add covers, it was after hours at MPW headquarters. The MPW program manager was able to connect with the design department in spite of this, and together they created the cover to the client’s specifications. 

The program manager then placed an expedited order for the printed covers that arrived by next day in time for the rest of the meeting.

The Outcome.

The meeting attendees received their mini protocols with fully branded covers never knowing they were a last minute addition. The client took their printed banners home along with their new mini protocols and renewed confidence that at Meeting Protocol no request is too large or too small.